SHFL 107 : The 5 Stages of Grief Explained - Understanding Grief and Loss


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Most people have experienced the 5 stages of grief at some stage in their lives. Even if it wasn't over the loss of someone meaningful, other major life events, such as a relationship break-up or being made redundant, can trigger the same grieving process.
Each person experiences grief and loss differently. However, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross discovered that most people go through a 5 stage grieving process.
This podcast episode will help you understand each of the 5 stages of grief. This will help you deal better with loss and adapt to significant life changes. It will also help you support others that are going through the grieving process.
I'll explain each of the 5 stages of grief in detail so you can identify the one you may be going through right now. I'll also reveal the stage that some people get stuck in (sometimes for years!) and provide some ways to help you move on with your life.

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