SHFL 106 : The 7 Best Ways to Increase Your Self-Worth


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In this podcast episode, you'll learn 7 highly effective ways to increase your self-worth. Having high self-worth is crucial to success in all areas of life and it feels so much better inside too.
I'll start by defining what self-worth is. I'll then cover how self-worth is different to self-esteem and self-confidence. I'll cover how most people measure self-worth and I'll let you in on a secret, most people do this wrong!
I'll reveal the typical signs of low self-worth. It's good to know these before you put in the effort to increase your self-worth. Some of the signs are very obvious and others are more subtle. This will also give you a starting point and help you measure how your self-worth improves over time.
I'll then cover my 7 ways to help you increase your self-worth in all areas of life. These methods are quite varied and you don't need to do them all at once! Pick one or two that appeal to you and notice your sense of self-worth increasing as you put these into action.
The questions that I mentioned to help you focus on your strengths and positive qualities are:
• What are you good at?
• What do you enjoy doing?
• What makes you happy?
• What are your strengths and talents
• What have you achieved or accomplished so far?
• What challenges have you overcome?
• What are you proud of?
• What are your values?
• How have I helped other people?
Links to resources mentioned in this podcast episode
Psycho-Cybernetics book by Maxwell Maltz -
Original Adam Sicinski exercise for self-worth -
Law of Familiarity Video -
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