Soul Purpose Tuesday: Fall Into Wellness Your Lunchtime Midday Wellness Groove


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Soul Purpose Tuesday! This September let's fall into wellness as we speak honestly about committing to and investing in our wellness. It's the fourth quarter, our goal, Keep It 100. Are we being our best? Are we fully committed? Let's talk real strategies to break real barriers to your wellness with our wellness advocate, Jacqueline Taylor-Adams. CALL IN to listen or share (646) 716-7994 or "Is what you put on your skin, in your mouth and allow in your spirit, Life Giving or life robbing?" It's your mid-morning lunchtime wellness groove. Get Healthy Hooked on mix of soul music brain food nutrition, tai chi and Soul Purpose Lifestyle talk. Affirmation: I'm Walking In Wellness Meditation: Self Love Body System / Nutriution: 15 Brain Foods Exercise: Try Tai Chi. 10 Benefits of Tai Chi Soul Purpose JOY of the Month: The Aroma of Autum - Our Soul Purpose Solid Scent Mix! LeVel THRIVE: Expand Cognition and DFT Nutrition Patch Playlist: TIGHTROPE feat Big Boi (Janelle Monea) - AIN'T NO MOUNTAIN (Celeste Benton, Mark Hood The Voice Performance) - POLYMATH (Anthony Stewart)

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