Orally Speaking: Oral Health in the Hood w. Monique Dudley Ep 1


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Understanding the impact of economics on receiving quality dental coverage and care, Over All Training's Founder/CEO and dental industry guru Monique Dudley comes to Master Griot Radio to empower you as she breaks down oral healthcare, makes it plain, keeps it real, and ensures you understand it directly impacts your overall health. This debut episode features from around the way Lewis Jones, III of CPNG (Cool People Network Group). Orally Speaking: Oral Health in the Hood w. Monique Dudley airs live second Thursdays. Each episode features oral healthcare experts and someone from the neighborhood to educate us, test our knowledge, give tips, and bust up myths!!! Orally Speaking is brought to you by Over All Training, a Pennsylvania Registered Workforce Development Group Sponsor which also has a Dental Assistant Apprenticeship program. Monique Dudley has been in the dental industry for 15 years as a student, dental assistant, dental office manager, and for the last eight years, a high-performance teacher.

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