GET IT OFF MY CHEST w. JoJu, Mr. Spoopy & Hameen: a House of Umoja Youth Podcast


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STRAIGHT OFF THE DOME... 1-3, 3-1, 2 artists, 1 sports player... together we come and talk about youth, art, and sports. Commenting on what goes on in the world regarding all races. Tune in to hear what we have to say about what you like! Starring your hosts: Mr. Spoopy, JoJu, and Hameen. co-producer: Khalil • soundtrack: ART (Chrisette Michelle - Lyricist Opus) and BELIEVE (Meek Mill feat. Justin Timberlake) presented by the House of Umoja Youth Peace Corps (UYPC); produced by program director, Jacqueline Taylor-Adams and Master Griot/NBBTA Radio.

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