Indie Friday Groove: Make It or Break It Spoken Word Music Review


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#TribeUp! Make it or Break it?! You tell us. Anthony from Purple Phire, Monique Dudley from OAT and Master Griot Radio producer Jacqueline Taylor-Adams come together to chop it up and groove with you on some new and new 2 u grooves from independent spoken word and music artists. 3 sets, 12 cuts. The experience: Love and Hip Hop, country and spoken word, and some pop, fun and consciousness dashed with a little heartbreak. Featuring Chris Blue, Afika, Ashley Wool, Johnny Popcorn and more. Post your positive comments and constructive feedback in the comment section below. SET #1 STARVING ARTIST (Ashley Wool)SUPERIOR NUTRIENTS (Darian Dauchan) BROKEN PARTS (Clide)MEET ME (Toni Love) SET #2 READY TO LOVE (Johnny Popcorn)RIGHT BACK WHERE I STARTED FROM (Gerry Hyde)SO FLY (Esaini) INSIDE YA (Chris Blue) SET #3 CHOSEN (From Songland - Afika)ANCESTRAL ORIGINS - RAW (Joe Davis)PORTALS (E The Poet Emcee)METAPHORICAL 3 (Brooklynite)

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