Labor Day Groove: Our MusicSubmit Spoken Word and Music Review


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On a scale from one to five, what say, Ye? From a block party in West Philly, Jacqueline Taylor-Adams plays for you a cross genre of new music and spoken word from country to reggae to soul. Rate and review what you hear on this special Labor Day launch of Master Griot Radio's new show, Indie Friday Groove: MusicSubmit Spoken Word and Music Review. Remember, youEmpower independent artists' careers, you Thrill them every time they know you listen, and you help them Overcome industry obstacles to entry. Post your positive comments and constructive feedback in the comment section below. Then, check out The Playlist to follow, purchase and share your favorites. Got spoken word or music you'd love our audience to hear? Click to submit free for radio play and playlist listing consideration. Note: Every submission does not make it to the groove. Your PLAYLIST: WEEPING (Sheila K OG)TIME (Mark Sanders)TYPICAL LOVE (Kyng Bea)OVERLOAD (Twicy Heads Up)AUDIBLE (M. Bates)BENEVOLENCE (Phruishun - WeYou2Luv)CRYPTONITE (J Hooks)VAMPIRE LOVE (RT)LEOPARD PRINT PANTS (Kyng Bea)PICTURES ON MY PAGE (The James Carrett Project)NORWEGIAN KNOT (M. Bates)HOLLYWOOD LOVE (Phruishun - WeYou2Luv)BROKEN BLUE (instrumental - Steven Jennings)

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