Episode 76: Tips & Tidbits gained from the NTA conference: Essential Fatty Acids, Probiotic use, Natural mood & sleep enhancers and MORE!


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Jessica shares many of the things she learned from the Nutritional Therapy Association annual conference last week that she thought would help you in your health and wellness journey - especially when it pertains to your Keto lifestyle.

She shares tips from some of her favorite speakers including:

Dr. Leslie Korn: https://drlesliekorn.com

Valerian or Passionflower to help get to sleep faster and ease anxiety

Capomo/Ramon tea for help in relaxation and detox: Teeccino "Cafe de Capomo"

Dr. Jack Wolfson: www.thedrswolfson.com

"The Paleo Cardiologists" book - download on audible or read it the "old fashioned" way :)

Also has a podcast called the "Healthy Heart Show"!

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD: www.annlouise.com

Newest book: "Radical Metabolism" has a ton of really thought provoking info! Download on audible or pick up paperback version here.

Great fats for Essential Fatty Acids, both 3 & 6:

Hemp Seed Oil (get cold pressed) - I like Nutiva brand

Siberian Pine Nut Oil (cold pressed)

Others; Sesame Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil

Don't cook with aluminum or allow it contact with your food - specifically hot foods. This leaches aluminum into your foods! Use parchment paper like this one to place in between your food and aluminum.

And if you would like more info on using the Fit3D scanner that Jessica now has in her office in Loveland, follow this link: http://www.jessicatye.com/cincy-fit-scan-3d-body-scanning

You can set up your appointment online or reach out to Jessica for more info.

To set up a free 15 minute phone call with Jessica to learn more about working with her one on one please follow this link: https://go.oncehub.com/JessicaTye

Thank you for listening - see you all for a new episode again on April 2nd!

Happy Spring :)

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