Episode 75: Keto "Swaps" and Grocery lists, Electrolyte Loss & Replenishing and the importance of Bone Broth on Keto.


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Solo episode where Jessica discusses:

Making Bone Broth and why you should want to have bone broth every day. What is in bone broth that is such a big deal?

Electrolytes: What are they? Why is everyone talking about them? Why are they important when going Keto? Where can you get them?

Are you having a hard time figuring out what to eat now that you have moved away from sugar, grains and other carbs? Listen up for some of Jessy's favorite "keto swaps" and even a sneak peak at some of the items on the grocery list that she provides her nutritional coaching clients.

Jessica is going to the Nutritional Therapy Association annual conference at the end of this week in Portland, Oregon. If you are in the Portland area she would love to meet you or even see you at the conference - please reach out if you would like to say hi :). You may be able to find her at Jimmy and Christine Moore's booth for their new "Real Food Keto" book throughout the weekend as she will be helping them to promote that awesome information!

If you have had interest in becoming an NTP like Jessica and want more info on the NTA organization please follow this link: https://nutritionaltherapy.com

Thank you for listening!



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