Resiliency and Leaving the World Better For Others with Natalie Tse


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Natalie Tse is a California licensed Structural Engineer and Project Manager at Tipping Structural Engineers in Berkeley, California with a broad range of design experience in educational, commercial/retail, residential, science and technology sectors. Her portfolio includes the structural design, assessment, and seismic retrofit of over 35 school campuses, a mission critical laboratory and office building, and the design of a new wood-framed cathedral over concrete post-tensioned podium.

Natalie is deeply passionate about innovative solutions, well-integrated and cost-effective designs, responsiveness during construction, and open communication. She is profoundly committed to learning, mentoring, building strong relationships, family, and giving back to the community. In 2015, Natalie co-founded the SE3 Project, a project established to understand and mitigate issues of employee engagement and retention, advancement, work-life balance, and gender equity in the structural engineering profession.

In this episode, Natalie talks about her career journey so far, shares some of the pinch points along the way and how she got past them, and gives some great career advice for both parents and non-parents. We also talk about what inspired her to help co-found SE3, why giving back to the community is so important to her, and what she loves most about being an engineer. Natalie also reveals her favorite structural system.

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