Architecture for EveryBody with Rachel Preston Prinz


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Rachel Preston Prinz is an architecturally-trained American designer, and founder of the Santa Fe based consulting agency Archinia. She works at the intersection of architecture and design, placemaking, cultural and historic preservation, and community engagement.

In addition to Archinia, Rachel also runs a non-profit organization, Architecture for EveryBody, which aims to bring the craft of architecture, usually reserved for the wealthiest 98%, to the people. Rachel is a filmmaker, an educator, has given multiple TEDx and Pecha Kucha talks on design, and has had her work featured on HGTV, Bravo, NMPBS and Canadian PBS. She is also going blind from macular degeneration.

In this episode, Rachel tells the story of her fascinating life journey thus far, which has taken her from military school, to the cathedrals in Paris, through the Rocky Mountains, and finally to Santa Fe, where she established her hybrid profit/non-profit practice. Rachel shares how despite numerous setbacks, she found her passion and voice, and crafted a career that she loves.

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