Madame Architect with Julia Gamolina


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Julia Gamolina is the founder and editor of Madame Architect, an online platform celebrating women in architecture from different generations, countries, and corners of the industry. Originating as a guest series on ArchiteXX's online journal Sub_teXXt, Madame Architect is designed to encourage young women considering entering this industry by showing the myriad of choices they have in crafting a meaningful career. The ultimate goal for Madame Architect is that everyone who is looking at the site is able to find encouragement and guidance for their own pursuits, and empathy and understanding for the pursuits of others.

Julia is also a Business Developer at FX Collaborative and has experience in both communications and design. She is the Co-Chair of ULI New York’s Young Leaders Group Communications Committee and is on the AIANY Women in Architecture Committee.

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