Engaging Communities with Sandra Vivanco


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Sandra Vivanco is a Professor of Architecture and Diversity studies at California College of the Arts, co-director of the CCA BuildLab, as well as the founding principal of A+D, Architecture + Design, in San Francisco. Based on the premise that inclusiveness and design excellence can and should co-exist, the work of A+D is globally recognized and operates at multiple scales. As one of a few of Latina-owned architecture firms in the country, A+D explores cultural identity representation as design inspiration for new and invigorated public spaces.

In this episode, Sandra and I discuss so many interesting topics - the scrappy beginnings of her architecture practice, the melding of architecture and diversity studies in her curricula, on why representation matters, on engaging communities throughout the design process, and more!

Learn more about Sandra at: https://www.cca.edu/academics/faculty/svivanco

Learn more about A+D Architecture at: www.a-plus-d.com

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