82. Shaman Durek on Atlantis, The Energetics of Scandinavia + Spirit hacking


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Holy Crap is going International! This week we have an incredible guest with us - Hollywood's favourite Shaman - Shaman Durek! We have followed this man’s work for years and it feels almost surreal that he is now guesting our podcast. For those of you who are new to him, he’s an American, 6th generation Shaman, author of best selling book 'Spirit Hacking' and frequent guest on American TV shows. He's also best friends with Gwyneth Paltrow and boyfriend to Princess Märta Louise of Norway. In this interview, we share a deep and profound conversation about many of our favourite topics, and learn so many new things. And so will you, we promise. At the end of the interview, Durek channels a beautiful message to all of you in this community. IN THIS EPISODE: - How Shaman Durek and Princess Märta Louise met- The end of the Guru era and why it’s time we reclaim our power- Durek's connection to Stockholm- The energetics of Scandinavia - What Spirit Hacking means + and a live shamanic session on Mathilda - The story of Atlantis - What ’The Matrix’ is all about - Why we see numbers 111, 222 etc- Durek channels a beautiful message to Holy Crap CommunityMore information about Shaman Durek:https://shamandurek.com/Visit @holycrappodcast for behind the scenes shots from the interview and join our spiritual community Holy Crap Community on Facebook. Lots of love, Amanda & MathildaKlipp och redigering: Cemil Bedran Yildirim

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