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If you’re a wired, highly strung superintense person, how do you balance on the threshold of equilibrium? Can you manage without alcohol or unprescribed stimulants, even if you´re diagnosed with ADHD?
Patrick Nel, born in Zimbabwe, brought up in South Africa, with some years in the UK carrying an Irish passport - and now with a working permit in Sweden - is one of those people who has been discovering the back side of giving. The exhaustion of being the person who takes care of others takes you to the brink of exhaustion. How do you cope? How do you look after yourself? How can we as humans develop and nurture practices that keep us on the track without losing ourselves in the fog of addiction?
Among other things, Patrick tells us about
• How the messenger of God fell deep into the hole of alcoholism and, in a state of delirium, was saved by his friends who took him to rehab
• Why the AA-program did not work for him during his recovery from alcoholism
• How he copes with the almost everywhere occurring social drinking habits of ordinary people
• How he uses a tongue talking sequence from his childhood as his mantra (you will even get to hear parts of this sequence)
• The power of routine (especially if you´re diagnosed with any neuropsychiatric disability)
• His father, a master in prophecies and human understanding (sounds a lot like Tony Robbins!)
• How he found out the not so nice feature of the human species when his parents divorced
• his habit of taking snus - the Swedish smoke-less tobacco
And - is God in the sauna?
You can find Patrick Nel on
Patricks favourite book is “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg
The book I´m talking about & not remembering the title of is “A million little pieces” by James Frey
This is a pod about yoga and life. Recorded at the Downtown Camper Hotel where Scandic and YesYoga offer free yoga every Sunday at 5 PM - keep track on the Facebook-page.
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