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Yoga Radio Sessions #31:
Through being injured, Julie Martin, yoga master from Hawaii, discovered that a bunch of traditional yoga movements did not work for her. So she found her own way - a yoga full of circular, tender movements, sometimes resembling dance. For yogis accustomed to the rigid and static yoga, it´s often a surprising and rewarding revelation to see that this yoga makes perfectly sense.
In this pod, Julie Martin, explains where she got it all from.
Via dance, she entered the yoga world, and today she´s a highly visible and popular representative of the un-orthodox, inventive yoga which does not fear neither influences from other forms of movement nor new research into the body, for example the fascia - research that might lead to having to throw some of the old stuff overboard.
She shuns yoga as an excluding practice where teachers post selfies on Instagram with demanding poses in the sunset. Her aim is to have classes that are alive with young and old, big and small, athletic and less flexible - everybody´s welcome (and I can certify that theses classes are fun too!).
She also gives advice on how to find your way as a yoga teacher and explains why today´s assembly line teacher training does not meet the standards.
Notes from the pod:
One yoga-teacher who gives Julie inspiration is Erich Schiffmann.
Her hot tip for reading at the moment is “You are the placebo” by Joe Dispenza
She was very intrigued by the HBO series “Big little lies”.
And yes, she does eat a red steak with a glass of wine now and then.
You can find Julie on www.brahmaniyoga.com
I highly recommend watching a few of Julies videos on YouTube, vimeo or Ekhart yoga to visually grasp what her yoga is all about. You will understand why I take pride in being influenced by her style.

This is a pod about yoga and life. Recorded in the Cocoon Room at the Downtown Camper Hotel where Scandic and YesYoga offer free yoga every Sunday at 5 PM - keep track on the yesyoga.se Facebook-page.
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