#022: Espree Devora On the Art of Podcasting & Creating Authentic Experiences


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Espree was recently featured in INC Magazine as one of the top 30 women in tech to follow. Known in the community simply as "The Girl Who Gets it Done," Espree uses technology and digital content to thoughtfully connect people in the tech industry and move them from online connections to meaningful real-world relationships. Today, her company creates high-quality digital content, including podcasts, technology, and curated experiences focused on Los Angeles tech and global women in tech ecosystems. These resources help the community accelerate in business via authentically connecting. You can listen to her podcasts "WeAreLATech" and "Women in Tech" by going to WeAreLATech.fm and womenintech.fm. The purpose of the Women in Tech podcast is to empower listeners to expand their minds, showing them what's possible and leaving each episode with the thought: "If she can do it, so can I." The purpose of the WeAreLATech podcast is to immerse any listener into the Los Angeles tech ecosystem quickly.
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