#43 - The Act of Building with June Grant, blink!LAB


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June Grant is an architect, designer and researcher committed to the craft of buildings, their potential to enhance cities and develop socially responsible solutions to complex real-world problems. June is the founding Principal of blink!LAB architecture, a boutique, research-based architecture practice focused on adaptive and transformative sustainable development. Her design approach rests on an avid belief in cultural empathy, data research, and new technologies as integral to design futures and design solutions. She is also the current President of the San Francisco Chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects (SFNOMA), where she is committed to growing practice opportunities for under-represented groups by strengthening the role of communication.

In the episode we talk about:

  • June’s experience being President of SFNOMA during the “Twin Pandemics
  • Planning the first ever virtual NOMA Conference
  • How the act of building is one of the most political events, and there’s no such thing as a neutral building
  • The power and importance of observation
  • The structure of blink!LAB, and how 70% of the work is for private clients which in turn supports 30% of the work which is for communities
  • Advice for young professionals who want to pursue impactful, non-traditional practices
  • The one underrated tool emerging professionals have to offer communities
  • June’s research and work on Accessory Dwelling Units.
  • Why June wanted to become an architect

The 2020 NOMA Conference will be October 14-18, 2020! Check out https://www.noma.net/conference/ to learn more.

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