#58 Supporting the Next Generation of Architects with Primaverarch


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Primaverarch is an organization dedicated to stimulating change for the recognition of women in the architectural profession. Inspired by the renaissance era and the symbolic idea of spring, Primaverarch is a movement of rebirth, revival, and renewal.

Primaverarch was created by Nadeen Hassan, Chaerin Kim, and Soany Marquez, three minority-women who recently graduated from the Spitzer School of Architecture at the City College of New York. Throughout their studies, they experienced a lack of professional support, mentorship, and recognition, and so decided to start Primavera. Primaverarch is a catalyst movement that is dedicated to creating a seat at the table for all women in the field.

Learn more about Primaverarch at: https://www.primaverarch.org/

In this episode we talk about: why Nadeen, Chaerin, and Soany started Primaverarch; on giving their interviewees a space to feel empowered, and feel like they have a voice; Primaverarch’s goal of showcasing diverse voices, and that white women do not represent all women; how amplifying black voices should not just be a trend, but is something you’re supposed to be doing constantly; the long term goals for Primaverarch, and creating not just a platform but a space for opportunities and a support system for emerging professionals; on infiltrating national organizations like AIA to push for change; being conditioned in architecture school to just accept the status quo, and the need to push back and question who is being taught or amplified; why the lack of statistics on Middle Eastern or Arab architects is problematic; and how Nadeen, Chaerin, and Soany provide a support system for each other, have each others backs, and push each other forward

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