COVID Diaries: Space is a Privilege with Rosa Sheng, FAIA


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For the next few weeks/months, join Design Voice Podcast as we check in with people in the architecture and design professions to hear how they are living, working, and coping during this pandemic.


Rosa Sheng is a Designer, Architect, Thought Leader who is known for innovating Architecture with over 26 years experience. When asked "What type of Architecture do you do?" Her answer is "The kind that hasn't been done before." She has led a variety of award-winning and internationally acclaimed projects from the aesthetically minimal, highly technical development of the glass structures for Apple’s original high-profile retail stores, Pixar Animation Studios, and notable institutions of higher learning including LEED NC Gold–certified Lorry I. Lokey Graduate School of Business at Mills College, Multiple UC Davis, CSU and Community Colleges to redefine design relevance for student success.

As Founder of Equity by Design and AIA SF President in 2018 , Rosa led 3 nationally acclaimed Equity in Architecture Survey research projects, co-authored AIA National Resolution 15-1 in 2015 for Equity in Architecture, and served on the Equity and the Future of Architecture (EQIA) Committee in 2016, '17 and '18. She has presented on" Why Equity Matters for Everyone", in many cities nationally and overseas. Her work has been featured in Architect Magazine, Architectural Record, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times including talks at Harvard GSD, Stanford, SxSW, TEDxPhiladelphia, KQED/NPR and Cannes Lions Festival. Rosa was honored in 2019 as a Metropolis Game Changer.

Rosa joined SmithGroup in October 2017 as a Principal in the San Francisco office. She is the Higher Education Studio Leader and Director of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion for interdisciplinary project pursuits that tap her expertise in strategic planning, programming, and project leadership for high performing teams.

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