#37 - An Integrated Work-Life with Meghana Joshi


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Meghana Joshi is a Senior Project Manager at Little Diversified, Newport Beach.

Her projects have been honored with multiple SAGE Gold, PCBC Gold Nugget, SoCal, Argentum, & NAHB awards. She received 2019 AIA Orange County’s “Service Award”, 2018 AIA California’s “Associate” award and “Presidential Citation” honoring her commitment to the profession. She is a board member of the AIA Orange County Chapter, and Director for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. She founded and chaired the Women in Architecture Committee. Under “Project Amplify” that she founded, she amplifies and celebrates voices and works of minority architects throughout the world with diverse projects.

Furthering her passion for life/ safety in architecture, Meghana has invented an artificial intelligence powered smart device. She spoke at the 2019 AECNext/ SPAR 3D Conference, A’19 Conference on Architecture, 2019 Computational Building Design Seminar, 2019 NOMA Conference on “Enhancing Life & Safety through Artificial Intelligence”. Meghana’s professional contributions were honored at the “Say it Loud” exhibition at A '19 Conference, and she is one of the “Inspiring Moms of 2019” for OC Register.

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