223. Nacho Kids


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Watch out! Episode 223 is in english (as was episode 198), because we have guests from South Carolina, USA: Lori & David Sims. They have created and crafted the Nacho Kids method and tell us all about it, from the beginning with a word play for ”Not your kids”.

Don’t miss this game changing philosophy for blended families in general and bonus parents in particular. You can read more at Nachokids.com or listen to the Nacho Kids podcast.

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Bonuspappan & Plusmamman is a podcast about life in a blended family, with parenting and relations as a main point. The podcast is a weekly production made by Maria and Martin Erlandsson in Varberg since the summer of 2017. Music is by Karin and Marcus Bodin, performed by CC Campers (2001) – parts of the songs ”Texans are forever” and ”Rent a tent” (with Martin on drums).


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