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Love brought Timothy Kasper to Sweden via Chicago, Las Vegas, New York and, briefly, Russia. He ventured into yoga from dance and musical theatre, went on into pilates and gyro tonics. As many yoga teachers, injuries from other kinds of training pushed Tim into yoga. But for him, yoga is not just another form of training - it´s the ground for a rendezvous between mind, body and soul, also a base for the practice into being conscious about what´s going on - inside and outside.
This is a talk about meeting ones father after 35 years, about music as a saviour and a kind of drug for a depressed teenager, about letting the yoga in itself, with its breathing, create a rhythm where music is unnecessary.
Tim is a person who is constantly ”working with himself”, trying to mediate between his inner voices. Get to know Tim and his expansive mind in this pod.
Hosts: Christian Wigardt, yoga teacher & entrepreneur, & Curt Lunderg, dj, icon for the musicially brave, graphic designer and the man who documents the effects of modern beaver society. Hosted by Radio Skanstull, Itunes, acast, podcaster & others.
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