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Ronnie Gardiner is a jazz legend. He´s been drumming with everyone from Dexter Gordon and and Dizzy Gillespie to Lill-Babs, Lasse Lönndahl and Charlie Norman.
In the midst of a severe trauma, he decided to spend the rest of his life distributing positive vibes. So he started in a field where he´s most cunning: rhythm. He asked himself: how can people get help from rhythm? How can we interact and merge the two sides of the brain - the artistic and the logical?
So he began with kids, developed a method, talked with all kinds of experts in the field, went on with people who suffered from stroke, afasi, ms, ADHD/ADD - everyone is capable of doing "the Ronnie Gardener rhythm - movement - color combo!"
In this episode of "Yogapodden", listen to a true legend tell his true story about going down and hit rock bottom and then, against all odds, come up to surface again with a mission.
And yoga? Yes. There´s definitely a connection. Listen folks - and don´t miss Ronnie Gardener on iTunes and Spotify

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