Klimat 2.3 – Organizing climate mass actions – Ende Gelände


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For the second part of our climate series we’ve invited comrades from Germany and organizers of Ende Gelände!

Ende Gelände is an anti lignite alliance that plans massive actions of civil disobedience for climate justice. The number of people following Ende Gelände into lignite pits and on coal infrastructure is rising every year. This October, over 6.000 people took part in the mass action.
In our lecture we want to figure out reasons for the mobilization success of Ende Gelände considering internal (e.g. organizational structures, alliancies) and external factors (e.g. policies, society).

This evening will be split in two parts.
First we will have the lecture based on the work done with Ende Gelände. After a short break we will continue with a workshop and discussion on mobilization!

This talk and the discussion on mobilization will be interesting for political groups and organizers no matter if you’re involved in climate mass action or not.

Please join us and make this a really productive evening!
Don’t miss out!


More info: www.facebook.com/events/316118345636844
This talk is arranged by AG Hedvig together with Amalthea Bokkafé and ABF Malmö. AG Hedvig is a climate action group based in Malmö.
For contact: aghedvig@riseup.net


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