Klimat 2.6 – Coal resistance in South Africa – Daria Rivin


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This year’s sixth lecture, the headline is environmental injustices and coal resistance in South Africa. We have invited Daria Rivin, masters student at the department of human ecology at Lunds University, to give a talk based on her thesis.


”We are screaming but no one is listening” – A talk about environmental injustices in South Africa in relation to coal mining and resistances

Based on my thesis in Human Ecology at Lund University, I will give a talk about resistance to coal and which implications it has for the people involved; how mining-affected communities suffer from the unequal distribution of environmental goods and bads, how a tendency of apathy arises when mining affected communities have lost their livelihood and what people are doing to fight for their human and environmental rights. My research is based on two months fieldwork in South Africa where I conducted more than 40 interviews with scholars, NGO’s, mining-affected community members, coal mine workers and farmers.



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