Klimat 2.7 – Degrowth: An introduction – Andreas Roos


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This is the last lecture of our lecture series on radical perspectives on climate struggle.

Our comrade, and PhD at the department of human ecology at Lunds university, Andreas Roos will visit us to give a vigorous introduction of the term ”degrowth”.


In the face of rapid climate change, massive loss of biodiversity, overconsumption and social inequalities there are some who cry out for a controlled reduction in the societal consumption of energy and material. Such a ”degrowth”, they argue, could not only transform society’s pathological relation to nature, but could also imply a more satisfying life for a majority of people. This critique opposes the most basic tents of capitalism and offers a radically different vision of the future. Those who endorse such a reduction of resource use have gathered under the umbrella term ”degrowth”.

This speech will focus on the meaning of ”degrowth” as a vision, as a reality and as a social movement.



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