365: How We Can Each Change the World with Autumn Strier


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We can all see struggle and hardship in the world, and we all want to make a difference. But how do we get our ideas off the ground and give back in authentic, effective ways?

Autumn Strier had a grand vision to help families in need, and she now lives in service of that vision every day. She’s the founder and CEO of Miracles for Kids, an organization I discovered a few months back and immediately started supporting. They help families with critically ill children fight bankruptcy, homelessness, hunger and depression, giving them the resources and strength they need to fight for their kids’ lives.

Thanks to you and everyone who supported The Miracle Morning Movie, we donated $9,200 from the ticket sales, and committed to donate an additional $1,000 per month, every month.

Today, Autumn and I are talking about how the kindness and generosity of others can help people build the lives they want, what happens when you get over self-doubt and believe in yourself, and the powerful ripple effect that you can create when you discover how you can best give back.

During today’s conversation, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How being on the receiving end of charity as a child and working since the age of 10 inspired Autumn to give back as she grew up.
  • How Autumn turned a family friend’s unused employee contribution fund and tax I.D. letter into a thriving nonprofit despite already having a full-time job, a traveling husband, a two-year-old, and a baby weeks away from being born with a critical illness.
  • Why people considering starting charities should look for a unique angle and be ready to pivot - just like if you’re launching a business.
  • What Miracles For Kids is doing to help families during the pandemic - and how you can support this wonderful organization.

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