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Yoga Radio Sessions #17:
Australianborn Kristian Hell has turned project management into an art form, never employed (until now), living according to the axiom "doing what I think is fun" (AND environmental friendly); Ssideline City Run Club, also building a network by being a host at Trädgården, continuing with No Such Place - all described in the pod.
Now, with the imaginative title ”Lifestyle Concierge” at the soon to be opened Downtown Camper by Scandic at Brunkebergstorg, it all comes together when he, with the help of small, devoted entrepreneurs in the movement field, designs acitivities for the urban explorers whom will consitute the main group of guests at the new hotel - running, bicycling, kayaking - and yoga.
Also, Kristian has some thoughtful ideas about how to live life. It´s time to put your mobile away during off-office hours. His recently born son Elliot will make sure this will be not just a promise.
Aiming for heaven with Mr Hell at our studio at Trädgården.
Hosts: Christian Wigardt & Curt Lundberg

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