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Yoga Radio Sessions #46
From the southern suburbs of Stockholm, Christian Schjött-Quist is a torpedo of love, always trying to give to his fellow brethren. He´s also questioning how we do things in this 1984-ish Orwelian world. He wants us to hold ground against negativity and dig deep into our selves to discover the vast possibilities of a life where body, mind and spirit co-exist. And where spirit rules. Taking full responsibillity for one´s life, and actions in it.
Christian believes in world peace and works as a DJ, hired by some of Europe´s best free-style pro motocross riders as speaker, working also with pro ski/snowboard and Bmx/skateboard/inlines pros as well as other sports competitions, also at events, cinema premieres, parties, happenings.
He's a citizen of the world and loves traveling it, while trying to embody his very own, unique way of life.
Aren’t we all? Well yes. But some might be just a little more persistent than others. After a long time of soulsearching, Christian says it´s now time for him to give back.
And that’s what he does, with a natural born authority, in this podcast.

Christians favourite book: "The Art of Hearing Heartbeats" by Jan-Philip Sendker
His favourite movie: "Matrix"

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