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Yoga Radio Sessions #40
Lolita Webelman from Mexico, photo model turned yoga teacher returned to modelling.
During my teacher training in India, she was the bridge between old school rigid yoga and the western way. “In the States” she pinpointed “a teacher would never when adjusting a position even slightly touch a student without asking. Do you wanna be sued?”
Today she’s back to modelling and explains how the art of meditation can help her keep her cool during auditions and why she does not feel even a bit embarrassed over the beauty products she is now selling to a female Mexican crowd.
Lolita went to Summerhill, a school without teachers, founded by the legendary A S Neill. Why does she not want her kids to do the same?
And what about the name?
Seemingly paradoxical, seemingly incoherent lives and opinions - that’s what we like.
When I told a friend about this pod she said: “I love it!”
I hope you do too.
This is the first of two pods recorded in Mexico in January.
You can find Lolita Webelman on Instagram and on Facebook.
The book we talk about is "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov
Soundtrack: “Consciousness” by DJ Food
All suggestions, opinions and pecan fudge pies can be directed to
Keep track on what´s going on in the yoga world in Sweden on (you have to handle Swedish though).
Host: Christian Wigardt, yoga teacher & journalist
Yoga Radio Sessions is on the web:, also on Instagram and Facebook.
PS: Wonder about the wallpaper behind Lolita in the photo? It´s pages from Nobel price winning colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez´novel "100 years of solitude". What did we drink during the podcast? Mezcal. Of course.

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