Tagir Ulanbekov, Jerry Ferrara, UFC Fight Night: Rodriguez vs. Lemos predictions


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Matt and Jim are joined by UFC flyweight Tagir Ulanbekov and actor Jerry Ferrara on today’s episode of UFC Unfiltered.

With help from a translator, Ulanbekov shares how longtime teammate Khabib Nurmagomedov and his father have shaped him into the fighter he is today ahead of the Dagestani wrestler’s fight against fellow wrestler Nate Maness on Saturday’s main card of UFC Fight Night: Rodriguez vs. Lemos.

Matt and Jim follow up the interview by assessing whether Marina Rodriguez or Amanda Lemos has the advantage in their women’s strawweight main event bout and take a look at the welterweight co-main event between Neil Magny and Daniel Rodriguez.

Next, actor Jerry Ferrara talks about how it makes him feel hearing Entourage and Power fans call him by his “Turtle” and “Joe Proctor” character names instead of his real name on the street. After explaining how his love for sports gambling led him to hosting a podcast about it, Jerry takes a stab at picking UFC 281’s middleweight title fight between Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira and shares why he thinks it’s special that the fight is set to take place at Madison Square Garden.

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