RAGE Session: What's The Sats Target?


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A RAGE session featuring Karel Habig, Cliff Reid, and Chris Nickson:

  1. Introduction... kind of (starts 00:00 min)
  2. ‘What’s bubbling up?’ (starts 04:48 min) — an ED checklist for cognitive debiasing, are 'cold' platelets ready for primetime, the ART trial and the open lung approach to ventilation using recruitment manoeuvres
  3. ‘What's The Sats Target?’ (starts 22:55 min) — the RAGE team discuss what SpO2 targets to aim for, in which patients and diseases, and the tricks and traps of real-world clinical practice.
  4. ‘A blast from the past’ by Chris Nickson on ‘Rudolph Virchow’ (starts 52:52 min)
  5. ‘Words of Wisdom’ from Cliff Reid (starts 57:10 min)

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