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David Passiak with Captain Future - Michael Sillion in Gothenburg - We are always in the now so the future never arrives. The Future is something we aspire to. The way life should and could be. Often times the future is with a very Utopian version us all getting along and do good shit.Or a very dystopian version of us where every fabric of society and civilization breaks down Or there are those that are more balanced or even very status quo. I want people to ask: What are our purpose as a spices? What are we really doing? What do we want to accomplish in next 10 to 20 years? What are our relationship with the future? Allot of change have to start within. David have looked at many of the moments that we call awakenings. And now me and David want participate to create “The Great Awakening” that will create a massive shift in consciousness worldwide. Three things you can do 1 Cultivate a sense of awareness in not knowing. 2 Educate yourself with emerging trends. 3 Be part of broader kind conversation around co-creation of the future, constantly networking and building bigger networks. Find people and host them - Give First! - The BookEmpower - How To Co-Create The Future https://www.cocreatethefuture.com Emerging Future https://emergingfuture.com https://www.facebook.com/EmergingFutureInstitute/ - The final song is: Summoner's Battle curtesy of David Bowick https://soundcloud.com/davidbowick/summoners-battle

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