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Otto Scharmer Otto’s hope for the future is that we get our act together! And do a consciousness based systems intervention. Dr. C. Otto Scharmer is a Senior Lecturer at MIT and co-founder of the Presencing Institute. In 2015 he co-founded the MITx u.lab, a massive open online course for leading profound change that has since activated a global eco-system of societal and personal renewal involving more than 100,000 users from 185 countries. I am exited about using technology more intentionally for developing social technologies that allow us to create and activate generative social fields . It has to do a shift in consciousness that can support a new way of doing systems thinking- We are global moment not yet aware of ourselves. Connecting to the current moment. The knowing doing gap! Action learning. You can not understand a system unless you change it. The litmus test. To work with a a political in a new way. If people in Silicon Valley give away their money they usually there criteria for doing so: 1 Tech has to be the solution. 2 It must be solvable with 10 years. 3 They have to call the shot. We need to get our act together and improve the topsoil. We are in critical moment where so much positive things are happening and yet we are not catalyzing as a movement yet. What are the infrastructure for catalyzing and amplifying the movement. So that the moment becomes aware of it self. - Links U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self Introduction by Otto Charmer - Leading from an emerging future TEDX Theory U - Learning from the future as it emerges with Otto Scharmer - TEDxTUHH 4.0 Lab: Inventing the Future of Food, Finance, Health, Ed, & Management Trump And Transforming Capitalism: Making Our Movement See Itself - The Transition: In this awesome conversation Jordan Greenhall, Daniel Schmachtenberger and Forrest Landry talks about the transition we need to do, in order to get to the next stage of our civilization here on Spaceship Earth. About systemic change and Holistic design thinking. - Otto Scharmer Michael Sillion Institute for Evolutionary Leadership This New World Group with Guardians - The final song is: Summoner's Battle curtesy of David Bowick

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