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Nichol Bradford is rocking this planet at Transformative Technology Lab @ Sofia University. She is here to lead the way into a mindful and science filled future. Facebook live video of the conversation: - Who you are, and how you are, is as importan as what you do! As a spices we have some very real problems that we have to solve fairly quickly. He have so much potential to create a abundant future for all life on Planet Earth. There is still going to people involved raising the AI. We have to walk the middle ground between tech and humanity. Humans love feedback. If we can give humans feedback of a biosignal. Then people can do it. - Many games are excellent without even trying to solve our Soft skills. What if we took our games all the way? Who you are, and how you are, is as importan as what you do! - The next human agenda is going to be longevity, happiness and augmentation. We have to grow up as a spices and come to the end of sensation seeking and enter the era of awareness. Where we get the to self awareness and ability to connect. - A 60 second coherence technique: ILUMINA Burning Man 2017 Dr. Rollin McCraty The Power of the Heart and Social Coherence Rollin McCraty, Director of Research at HeartMath Institute shares research findings that prove the amazing powers of the Heart and its relationship with the brain, those around us and the vibration of the Earth Mary Lou Jepsen - Books to read: Homo Deus and Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. - Events: #TransTech The Transformative Technology Conference & Expo 2017 Katapult Future Fest in Oslo 2018 - May 14 - 16 Reality Summit 2018 at Esalen Institute - September 30 – October 5 - Robert Kegan Orders of Mind - Check out this amazing conversation about systemic change that Jordan Greenhall, Daniel Schmachtenberger and Forrest Landry have together On Soundcloud and mp3 download: - The final song is: Summoner's Battle curtesy of David Bowick

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