Rai Barney on Blending Life as a Career Professional + 3rd Generation Entrepreneur


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Can you imagine being a part of a rich legacy with a grandfather who started the family business out of the trunk of his car to become the go to wholesaler of R&B and Blues music for mom and pop stores on the West side of Chicago, during the Jim Crow era? Well that is 3rd generation entrepreneur, Rai Barney's, legacy and where her entrepreneur story began. While Rai has enjoyed 10 years as a resume ninja and founder of Optimal Placement Services, she continues to love her career as an HR professional. In this episode we explore the entrepreneur's journey, trusting yourself and her dedication to helping others craft the best bio and resume to get noticed. Legacy, impact & purpose as God intended is what Rai finds most meaningful as a mission driven entrepreneur. Agreed! Connect with Rai on @IvyCareerCoach, @RaiBarney and me @CEOCharlene.

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