Tosi Ufodike on the Reward & Challenge of Leaving a 6 Figure Salary to become an Entrepreneur


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I almost named this episode "The rewards and challenges of leaving a 6 figure salary to build 2 successful businesses + a womens empowerment conference" but I guess that would be a bit on the nose, however it is a true story. Meet Tosi Ufodike. Tosi faced her fear of uncertainty and won by becoming the successful entrepreneur she believes she was destined to be. Tosi is quick to remind eventual entrepreneurs that yes being an entrepreneur is very hard work yet it is also very rewarding if you are persistent (and have the other right stuff). Tosi cautions us to NOT GET SUCKED INTO THE #IMABOSS rhetoric you see on social media. Proudly giving God the Glory for her success, Tosi shares how she was not an overnight success and the tricky nuances of being in business with your spouse. Tosi is founder is HairYum and the Dare2Aspire women's conference. Connect with Tosi on Twitter and Instagram @tosiufodike @hairyum or @dare2aspire. You can find me using @CEOCharlene.

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