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It's time for a ride along! Let's try something new. Because I am a constant thinker, I find the most interesting deep thoughts flooding my brain at the most inopportune times to stop and setup a podcasting session. So I've decided to capture the moment and simply do it on the fly...because that's how life works when spontaneity hits. This will be the first of how many ever times this recording solo podcasts while driving, hands-free, occurs. This should be fun. Ignore (or enjoy) the wind and nature all around. Just pretend you are riding shotgun as we talk about the power of pivoting before you need to and the immense value in embracing and adapting to the reality of change as a norm. I will share 3 easy to implement Change & Pivot "coachable moments" for eventual entrepreneurs who are committed to the process no matter what their current circumstance may look like. Be sure to download the FREE resource that accompany's this episode found here. Connect with me where I am @CEOCharlene

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