Easy Ways to Plan Healthy Meals for the Week


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Have you ever heard the words “meal prep” only to imagine tupperwares full of plain chicken, rice, and green beans?

Maybe you genuinely want to eat healthier and plan ahead, but you find yourself overwhelmed by the process, and well, you don’t have six hours to prep food every Sunday. (Who does?)

In this episode, Jordan shares some practical ways you can plan your meals ahead and be intentional about nourishing your body throughout the week - without having to spend hours prepping or eating the same meal every day.

So grab a snack and tune in to learn:

  • The three nutrients you should include in every meal
  • Easy ways to plan your meals ahead
  • Ways you can batch lunches without spending hours prepping
  • How to eat nutritious meals in a way that fits your lifestyle

And if you want to dive into more ways to make meal planning really simple, check out the free Own Your Everyday mini-course at learn.theownitacademy.com/oye. You'll learn how to develop weekly rhythms, time block your week to be more productive, and meal prep healthy meals using a quick and simple system.

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