How to Discover Root Causes and Heal Your Acne (Ft. Dani Ferguson)


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We all have insecurities that we’d like to cover up. For some, it may be self-doubt in their job or relationships, but for others, it may be a bit more visible...

Like those little red bumps on your face (ya know, the kind you’re only supposed to have during your awkward middle school years).

Acne and other skin issues can be frustrating, painful, and even embarrassing.

So in this episode, Jordan speaks with nutritionist and integrative health practitioner Dani Ferguson to talk about how to heal skin issues from a holistic perspective and get to the root cause of your symptoms.

And they’re talking about a whole lot more than just skin! Tune in to this knowledge-packed episode to learn:

  • How to recognize when you’re body is telling you something’s wrong
  • How stress affects your body
  • Why skin creams and prescriptions aren’t the answer to your acne issues
  • How your gut affects your health and your skin
  • How nutrition plays a role in skin health
  • An easy holistic skincare routine you can try
  • The first steps to take to get to the root cause of your health issues
  • How to heal scarring from chronic acne

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