Action Movie History 1935 (Top Hat)


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Another musical? Has Pod Hard lost track of it's purpose, to investigate the evolution of the action genre and... oh wait, Fred Astaire is machine gunning down his entire entourage of background dancers while tap dancing the sound of the bullets? Carry on.

Jonas Högberg & Anders Hultqvist watch Top Hat, the perhaps best of the Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers-pairing, and are once again energized by a zany musical with great character actors, funny dialogue and amazing dance numbers.

The dynamic pod-duo discuss the dynamic dance-duo, compare Astaire to Jackie Chan, salut Rogers finishing touches, hails the bug eyed butler, are skeptical to the mansplaining of nature phenomenons, enjoy the small klink of two glasses and give praise to where it's at - to Edward Everett Horton, the Fred Astaire of taken aback-reactions.

"Oh, some more of these plural personalities."

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