Action Movie History 1934 (The Man Who Knew Too Much)


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Some say he's the best director of all time - but can he handle oneliners, epic brawls and gun ballets like a McTiernan or a Woo?

Yes and no.

Jonas Högberg & Anders Hultqvist face off with their first Alfred Hitchcock-film in their ongoing quest through action movie history: The Man Who Knew Too Much.

And while it certainly isn't one of the best flicks signed by the Master of Suspense it does have an absolutely fabulous scene where Leslie Banks is throwing chairs at villains while an old lady with a gun is playing the organ.

Hitchcock is bebopping and scatting all over the place with his ideas. A knitting is wrapped around a pletora of foxtrot dancers, Leslie Banks & Hugh Wakefield psalm-sings their suspicions of certain characters during a sermon, taken aback-reactions are complemented by toy trains, Peter Lorre upstages all the British actors despite not knowing English and Edna Best saves the day with her sharpshooting skills!

"This is a scrap, not a smoking concert."

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