Action Movie History 1924 (Sherlock Jr & Girl Shy)


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Silent movies - a bore? Prepared to get schooled!

Jonas Högberg and Anders Hultqvist are flabbergasted. Never would the podcasting duo have imagined such heights for action cinema as they are confronted with when watching Buster Keaton's Sherlock Jr and Harold Lloyd's Girl Shy in this episode of Pod Hard.

One thing's for sure: all the people making lists about the best chase scenes in movie history have apparently not watched any 1924-flicks!

Buster is riding a motorcycle sitting on the steering wheel, breaks up a strong man competition, escapes a collapsing bridge and enter a disguise through a window. Harold does a daring transition from car to horse by way of tree branch, highjacks a tram, goes bonkers with a fire hose on a rampaging fire truck and goes looking for a postman's whistle.

1924 rocks!

"I'd like you to meet my city cousin from Grand City - she was the first person there who could pronounce Mah Jong."

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