Action Movie History 1923 (Safety Last & Our Hospitality)


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Move aside! The comedy giants of the 20s are back with a vengeance when Jonas Högberg & Anders Hultqvist turn the clock forward to 1923. Harold Lloyd is climbing buildings, Buster Keaton is leaping off of them.

In this episode of Pod Hard Lloyd's Safety Last and Keaton's Our Hospitality form a highly enjoyable double feature filled with real perils high above street level in skyscraper town and in the wild rapids of the West.

Buster Keaton's father show off his kung fu-skills, an old geezer attacks a toy train, people shoot out of their chairs, Lloyd has a tug-o-war with a pack of rabid house wives and the font size of intertitles gets the last laugh.

"The idea of working in your shirt sleeves! Think of the shock to your customers: women of culture and refinement."

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