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Hello dear listeners!

It is my pleasure to introduce this brand new podcast series that I have recorded together with the amazing inner coach JP Sears. As coaches we both share a passion for healing from within. And we are trying to help our listeners the best we can with this series of emotional healing and acceptance.

We wanted to start you of with building the foundation. Otherwise there will be a very raggedy house in the end. Therefore, our first topic is “vulnerability”.

JP Sears is an American coach who has work together with Paul Check for a very long time. Now he has decided to create his own path. Not that he didn’t walk his own path before, but he has his own courses that he teach, retreats and his amazing youtube channel with millions of views on each episode.

We hope that you will like this. Episode number two will be released next week. This will give you time to reflect and re-listen to this episode.

Love and joy – JP Sears and JustLotta

Visit his website: http://www.innerawakeningsonline.com

And his Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/AwakenWithJP

Visit my website on: http://justlotta.se

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