54. Demystifying Cryptocurrency & Challenges In The Swedish Fintech Ecosystem


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In this episode, we are joined by fantastic Michal Gromek. Michal has a long background within the Fintech industry and is currently working as Head of Operations and Compliance at Safello. He is also very active in the Swedish Fintech Ecosystems where he is a public speaker and he is also contributing to Forbes where he shares his thoughts and opinions on the Fintech landscape. Earlier this year he was one of the main persons behind Stockholm Fintech Week. Given Michal's commitment and involvement in the Swedish Fintech Ecosystems, it is not surprising that he is nominated for the Swedish Fintech Ecosystem Hero of the year 2020 by nordicstartupawards. You find a link below where you can vote on him. In the episode, we get to listen to Michal when he demystifies Cryptocurrencies and how we can combat the Dark Side of Fintech and Crypto with Blockchain Analysis Tools. We also talk about challenges with the Swedish Fintech Ecosystem.

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