55. Banking the Unbanked in Africa with Espen Kvelland from Wakandi


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In episode nr 55 we had the great chance to sit down and talk with Espen Moen Kvelland from Wakandi. Wakandi is a startup from Norway that is active in Africa with the goal to make the 328 million people who are either without a bank, called unbanked, or with very little access to banking services, called underbanked, to get access to basic and fundamental banking services. What are the existing challenges going forward in Africa and how does it look today, how far have they come? Wakandi was born out of a company called Akeo, a leading blockchain company in Norway. Moreover, Espen shared his thoughts on Facebook's digital currency project, Libra, and what effects that can have on the fintech industry and landscape in Africa. We also got the chance to talk about Central Bank Digital Currencies and the possibilities for startups and businesses that come with that. We hope that you enjoy this episode as much as we did and that you learn a lot about the Fintech scene in Africa and about Wakandi.

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