53. How any company can add fintech in their services with Hanna Raftell


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Hanna Raftell from Fimento is back in Fintechpodden. She previously joined us in episode nr 43 where we talked about Open Banking. In this episode, we have a follow-up topic, Embedded Finance, or put in more simple terms - how any company can add fintech into their services. Hanna talks with us about what Embedded Finance actually is, which players are involved in the ecosystem that enables for embedded financial solutions. We talk about what non-fintech companies are offering fintech services today and what the benefits of doing fintech in non-fintech are. We also touch on UNs Sustainability Development Goals and how fintech can support several of the goals. If you want to learn more about embedded finance, how it works, and where to start if you are a company that is interested in offering fintech services - then join this episode. We hope that you find it as useful and interesting as we did.

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