BBPH Ep. 407 - Try To Work It With My Tongue


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This week the boys have some wrestling talk with Jay Lethal joining AEW, AEW Full Gear Review, Jonah Rock going to NJPW, and even More WWE Releases. We've got some movie and tv talk with Shang Chi on Disney+, new Spider-Man trailer, and a new Netflix series called “Blockbuster”. We've got a bit of toy talk with Zombie Sailor’s Danhausen figure. Then we break down the card for PHPW Turkey Takedown coming your way this coming Saturday. We continue our tournament to crown the best 90's fad as we see JNCO jeans vs Yikes Pencils in the semi-finals. And another round of crazy sodas and this week we try Grass Soda. We hope everyone has a fun and safe Turkey day this week!

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